REKICO - pausa caffè

Costarica single origin - 100% arabica

Pod size: Ø 44 ESE - Ø 38

Costa Rica single-origin - 100% Arabica is cultivated in the mountains, between 1,200 and 1,700 metres above sea level. Together with the richness of the volcanic soil, this creates one of the most precious coffee varieties. The aroma stands out, while its light and delicate flavour bestows the perfect combination of acidity, sweetness, and body. The coffee vaunts pleasant notes of caramel and toasted chocolate, and its hints of citrus exalt the aroma. It contains a low caffeine content, so it can be drunk throughout the day.

Packages: Packs of 25 Pods

  • Careful selection
    of green coffee
  • Weight
  • Remaining
    oxygen check