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Caffè in cialde Qualità Long Rekico
Pod size: Ø 44 ESE - Ø 38


Nespresso Compatibles

Pods Machines

Macchina da Caffè per Cialde Ischia Rekico
Espresso coffee machine for PODS, available in the following versions: only coffee, coffee and water, coffee and steam. Ischia is the perfect machine for the office and other working environments.
Macchina da Caffè per Cialde Giglio Rekico
PERFORMANCE GIGLIO is a POD-based espresso machine ideal for higher-demand homes. Its large water tank holds up to 2 litres, so it really can serve a lot of coffee! • ELEGANT Despite its sturdy dimensions, the classic, practical design makes this...
Macchina da Caffè per Cialde Ciao Rekico
INTUITIVE It is easy to use, PRACTICAL and convenient. CIAO features a distinctive central closing lever ensuring stability, a perfect seal on the pod, and better coffee infusion. • CHEERFUL Even the name has a light-hearted ring to it, and...

Capsules Machines

Macchina da Caffè per Capsule Minicaps Rekico
DESIGN With its essential lines and compact dimensions, the modern, elegant design of MINICAPS is perfect even in the smallest of spaces. • ADAPTABLE Thanks to its distinctive retractable nozzle, MINICAPS adapts to the height of any cup, so you can...
Macchina da Caffè per Capsule Mosaico Std Rekico
• VERSATILE Combined with this innovation is an exciting, modern design, ideal both for the office and for home settings. • PRACTICAL MOSAICO delivers a choice of three different types of product: Espresso, Lungo or Infusion. The machine’s internal...
Macchina da Caffè per Capsule Mosaico Rekico
INNOVATIVE The technological control screen offers access to all the machine’s functions with a SIMPLE TOUCH, as well as allowing you to ensure your drinks are just as you like them with quick, intuitive commands. • VERSATILE Combined with this...