REKICO - pausa caffè

Rekico Bio - Organic Blend

Package: 1Kg

The Rekico Bio was created by Rekico's Master Roasters for bars and bakeries. It is an Organic blend of high-quality Arabica beans grown on the best plantations in Central and South America bestowing the coffee with a sweet and fragrant flavour, balanced with a smaller percentage of selected Robusta beans, giving body to Rekico Bio. All the single origins used in Rekico Bio comply with the European Regulation for Organic products. The result is a balanced coffee with fruity notes of citrus and hints of chocolate that only the meticulous selection of beans can offer. The blend also has a low-medium caffeine content, given the high percentage of Arabica.

  • Careful selection
    of green coffee
  • Separate
  • Slow
  • Forced
    air cooled




80% Arabica - 20% Robusta