REKICO - pausa caffè

Rekico consulting

Rekico Consulting was set up for the specific purpose of building strong partnership relations with clients, to help them develop their business in the best way possible. A truly dedicated service geared to your specific needs, provided by qualified personnel who will assist you, with competence and expertise, through the entire process of developing your business. Rekico Consulting consists of a team of Rekico staff, who work in collaboration with a group of professionals and consultants to evaluate and meet all the client's requirements, from analysis of the business plan, to development of marketing and communication plans, through after-sales support and services.

Rekico master

Rekico Masters are the Rekico product wholesalers who benefit from a special partnership relationship with the company, that allows for the development of common sales and marketing plans. Rekico Masters are distinguished by a comprehensive and detailed Rekico customisation of the interiors, and by particular emphasis on quality and an extensive knowledge and culture of the coffee product.

Rekico way

Rekico Way is a development product aimed at providing dealers with customised guidelines and business plans. The project covers all of Italy, with well-defined areas: following a careful analysis of the brand, commercial approach and sales strategy, the dealer implements a Rekico Way model customised for that specific situation.