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Mission: quality

Rekico brings excellence where it counts, to make each coffee a masterpiece of flavour, balance and aroma.

A dedication to quality that reaches its finest expression in prestigious blends, born from the skill of our tasters and master roasters, to create a velvety, sweet and aromatic coffee.
Welcome to the secrets of a perfect coffee, from selection to roasting, prepare for an exclusive journey through flavour which, from harvested bean to tasting cup, encompasses all the passion, tradition and effort that goes into the magical daily ritual of a cup of coffee.

Our coffee

NewsSigep 2020 Rekico Caffè invites you to Sigep 2020 - Rimini Expo Centre, from January 18th to 22nd, to find out a preview of our news, along with the distinctive products as ever for
On the occasion of Sigep, we will host at our booth the Champions of the Italian Coffee Grand Prix, Andrea Villa and Gianni Cocco, who will disclose us their coffee-based preparations:   - Saturday 18 January 3.00 pm: Andrea Villa - Sunday 19 January 3...
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Our products

Caffe Rekico BioBeans Horeca

Rekico Bio - Organic Blend

Package: 1Kg
The Rekico Bio was created by Rekico's Master Roasters for bars and bakeries. It is an Organic blend of high-quality Arabica beans grown on the best plantations in Central and South America bestowing the coffee with a sweet and fragrant flavour, balanced ...
Macchina da Caffè per Capsule Mosaico RekicoCapsules Machines

Mosaico Display

INNOVATIVE The technological control screen offers access to all the machine’s functions with a SIMPLE TOUCH, as well as allowing you to ensure your drinks are just as you like them with quick, intuitive commands. • VERSATILE Combined with this innova...
Beans Horeca

Arabica 100%

Package: 1Kg
This coffee blend is made exclusively with precious Arabica beans carefully selected and coming from the best plantations in Central and South America, combined to offer perfectly balanced aromas. Characterized by a soft and velvety cream, typical of Arab...
Caffè in cialde Arabica Guatemala RekicoPods

Guatemala single origin - 100% arabica

Pod size: Ø 44 ESE - Ø 38
The Guatemala single-origin - 100% Arabica comes from the mountains in the northern part of the country, on the border with Mexico, where the warm winds mitigate the cold mountain air, producing one of the most famous single-origin coffees. The coffee is ...